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Autoimmune, neurological and inflammatory diseases - A varied group of disorders, which involve almost every human organ system and share many similar symptoms.

Unlike cancer, which is an umbrella term for a range of diseases, auto-immunity has yet to be wholly embraced by the medical community, and the public, as a category of diseases.

Even though there is some universally accepted knowledge about auto-immunity its victims, mostly women - have suffered from a lack of focus and a scattered under-funded research approach.

Awareness of new and novel treatments

The pharmaceutical industry is approaching a “patent cliff” whereby the strong market position it currently holds is set to decline over the coming few years.

Most drugs that have currently been approved for use have been researched and developed not by “big Pharma” but by the smaller bio-tech companies.

Neurological diseases and disorders

The result of damage to the brain, spinal column or nerves, caused by illness, injury or genetic process. Many of the precise causes of neurological disorders are either unknown or not well understood.

Some neurological disorders may be life-long and people can experience onset at any time during their lives. Neurological disorders/disorders can be present from birth while others commonly appear in early childhood, whilst others affect mainly older people.

Some diseases/disorders can be life threatening, whilst others, cause life-long disability affecting a person’s quality of life and their ability to live independently.


Many neurological diseases/disorders, even relatively common disorders, are poorly understood and levels of awareness in the public eye are low, or they are ignored, . Also there are a large number of rare disorders which are largely unheard of by many health and social care professionals and the public.

The Proventus Project

Learn “How to Think” not “What to Think”

When we share a common language, we're able to communicate with others and there is no lack of standardised vocabulary for clinical terms. However, there is no vocabulary of the words that are used by people to describe their illness, their experiences and what it means to them.

Disease modifying drugs are given a clinical score by health professionals who generally will see a person with a disease as a number rather than a human being.

Health professionals may generate a prescription for a medication against its considered efficacy as opposed to it's proven efficacy.

An often neglected point is whether a particular medicine, whose clinical trials score apparently show improvements, will actually help in improving a persons “Quality of Life”

Improved clinical trial parameter scores should be set against whether the use of any medicine will add to a persons quality of life. That is for them to actually be “feeling better”.

Informing People - Information on this Website is not for profit and is freely available to be shared by all. If you have any information, comments or tips to share we will ensure that it is made available on this Website - contact us

Social Media Links - This facility enables like minded people  to search and link up with others who have a condition the same or similar to theirs. People who have a chronic disorder, or relevant organisations and support groups, who follow Proventus via social media are listed on your Website, unless they request not to be added?

Being a good communicator is a skill and some are better at it than others, but it is a skill that can be learnt and may go some way in helping those who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease and are about to hear what may be bad news.

The Proventus Project

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Many Health professionals meet people who have chronic diseases. They may not be wrong to think that for them there is much more to life than the daily eternal struggle that people who have chronic disorders experience. What some health professionals may not see (or care to see and understand) is that for others a seriously compromised quality of life has become for them the new norm.

Why do we make this point? Its because feedback from some people we have met tell us that when they have been informed of their diagnosis they have been told by the health professional in an ill-mannered and unfeeling way.

Note - It has to be understood that this occurs only amongst a small percentage of health professionals, but it does happen and it is unacceptable.  

Democracy - We are not all in this together, we are only led to believe that we are? We must stop merging moral arguments with economic ones. We must stop ignoring people who have chronic disorders. We must stop putting profit before cure. We must question those large national and international charities who rake in billions of Pounds, Dollar’s Euros etc. each and every year (money in does not equate with money out). We must question and take to task Governments and other elected bodies voted in by the people to supposedly represent them. We must question any misuse of tax-payers money that goes into health systems and the seemingly profiteering that accompanies it. Nobody pays except the ordinary day to day citizen  that is about 95% of us.

Let’s look to the future together - Your web site has many visitors globally and the number is growing. It is fair to say we’re all pretty revved up about that, as your web site grows so does its information base. So let your fingers race through its pages and if you have any comment to make (good or bad) or any related health information that may help others that can be published it on your Website making it available for all to learn from don’t be shy post it to us..


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