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Proventus was founded by a number of people who have a chronic disorder accompanied by various difficulties. However the real motivation for the project came from their struggles to self-manage symptoms whilst combating social prejudice.

They decided to create a platform where others could come and share and obtain useful information in order to find some sort of answer, for people to unite to become part of the solution. 

The Proventus Project

An organic Website run by volunteers for the benefit of all. . About Us

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Informing People - Information provided on this Website is available to be shared on a not for profit benefit basis only.

Let’s look to the future together - Our web site has many visitors globally and the number is growing. It is fair to say we’re all pretty revved up about that, as our web site grows so does its information base.

Please note - if you have any comment to make (good or bad) or any related health information that may help others that can be published on this website making it available for all to learn from don’t hesitate, even the smallest piece of information or tip can help others - please contact us.


Being a good communicator is a skill and some are better at it than others, but it is a skill that can be learnt and may go some way in supporting those who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease and are about to hear what may be bad news.

When we share a common language, we're able to communicate with others and there is no lack of standardised vocabulary for clinical terms. However, there is no vocabulary of the words that are used by people to describe their illness, their experiences and what it means to them.

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You have arrived on our website for a reason, you're dedicating your time for a reason and we assume it is in pursuit of information that may help you and maybe others?  If you have information gained by personal experience, particularly that which relates to combating the symptoms of any chronic disorder, and would like to share it with others so that they might benefit from your insight you are invited to share it here Contact Us